Meet Mona Sydow-Bäckman at Swedish Orphan BioVitrum

Swedish Orphan Biovitrum (SOBi) is a medical company dedicated to develop and provide treatments to rare disease patients. The company is based in Solna, Sweden, near the Karolinska Institute. SOBi´s area of interest is rare, potentially life-threatening diseases. Such diseases include diseases affecting the metabolism, inflammatory diseases such as rheumatism or cancer. One of their most successful products is recombinant Factor-8, an enzyme lacking in people suffering from hemophilia.

Mona Sydow-Bäckman is the responsible cell biologist in a number of SOBi´s projects. She trained originally as microbiologist, but has specialized in cell biology since the early 1990s, with her primary focus on the development of assays. She has used the Luciferase Assay Kit from BioThema in several projects, the first one in 2002.

Mona Sydow-bäckman at Swedish Orphan Biovitrum

SOBi uses the Luciferase Assay Kit as a screening method to measure the effect of small drug candidates on a receptor of interest.  This requires a very sensitive method which the luciferase assay provides.

The Luciferase Assay Kit has several advantages according to Mona Sydow-Bäckman, “ I find the Luciferase Assay Kit from BioThema extremely sensitive and easy to use.  The reproducibility is very good which I find to be one of the key factors of the success of a method. The customer support from BioThema is another big advantage, you can always turn to them if you have any problems or questions”.

Mona Sydow-Bäckman can be contacted at mona.sydow-backman(at)

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