ATP Eliminating Reagent

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ATP degrading enzyme

Depending on with diluent is used when reconstitution ATP Eliminating Enzyme it is either used for degrading mammalian ATP and measuring bacterial ATP or for degrading extracellular ATP and measuring mammalian cells.

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ATP Eliminating Reagent is used to quickly degrade extracellular ATP in a sample. The ATP concentration is reduced with 50% per second. For biological samples, please allow up to 10 minutes for complete degradation of extracellular ATP. ATP Eliminating Reagent should be reconstituted in either 23-101 Diluent C or in 28-101 Cell Lysing Reagent, if mammalian cells should be eliminated at the same time.

Product characteristics

Delivery form: Single reagent

Number of assays: Depending on assay and sample. For further guidence please contact us at

Delivery form: Lyophilised reagent in a glass vial, sealed under argon

Storage: +4°C

Shelf life: 5 years from date of delivery at +4°C.



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