All biological residues contain ATP. When living cells die ATP is degraded to ADP and finally AMP. Measurement of ATP+AMP is a proof of biological residues being present. This can be done using the unique Kikkoman LuciPac Pen (surfaces) or LuciPac Pen Aqua (liquids) with a portable instrument PD-30. Hygiene control measuring ATP only may underestimate the contamination if ATP has been degraded in the biological residues. On the other hand ATP is an indicator that the residues are still alive. Neither ATP nor ATP+AMP are a reliable measure of bacteria as these contain much less ATP than cells from animals or plants. Assays can be calibrated by relating the light from the sample to a known amount of certified liquid-stable ATP standard. In case one wants to use the ATP assay to measure living bacteria the surface or liquid must first be treated with the ATP Eliminating Reagent to degrade extracellular ATP.

Intended use:

  1. Routine control that a surface or liquid fulfills the requirements with respect to contamination with biological residues. It is not an estimation of bacterial contamination.
  2. Development of improved cleaning tools and procedures.
  3. Education of cleaning staff.

Suitable products:
LuciPac Pen, LuciPac Pen Aqua, Portable Hygiene Laboratory, ATP Standards, ATP Eliminating Reagent

Recommended paper:

Sakakibara T, Murakami S, Eisaki N, Nakajima M, Imai K (1999) An enzymatic cycling method using pyruvate orthophosphate dikinase and firefly luciferase for the simultaneous determination of ATP and AMP (RNA). Anal Biochem 268, 94-101

Lundin, A., Touma, N. (2014) Comparison between different ATP-related measures of hospital hygiene. Luminescence 29, 27-28

Please choose the kit best describing your assay.


ATP Hygiene Kit HS

2039 SEK

For hygiene control of surfaces and liquids

The  ATP Hygiene Kit HS is suitable for hygiene control of surfaces and liquids (e.g. rinsing water). Practical dropper bottles makes the kit easy-to-use, even for personel not used to handling pipettes.

ATP measurement is an excellent way of controlling hygiene, as ATP is found in food residues and other biological dirt as well as living cells. Even though a surface might be sterile (sterile=no bacteria are present) there might still be food residues left after cleaning. Such residues maks an excellent environment for airborne bacteria to grow and in a few hours the surface will no longer be sterile. With the ATP Hygiene Kit HS you can determine not only how many living organisms are present, but also the amount of biological dirt.

Lucipac Pen

LuciPac Pen

2431 SEK

Single shot device for hygiene testing

LuciPac Pen is a quick and simple device for hygiene control in ten seconds. The LuciPac Pen is a Kikkoman product but is distributed by BioThema in Europe.

The LuciPac pen has the advantage that it not only measures ATP, but AMP as well. AMP is a degradation product of ATP and can be found in food residues and other biological dirt. The kit is recommended for applications where the user has to be mobile and wants a quick and easy-to-use tool for hyiene control.



9960 SEK

Kikkoman PD-30 is a hand held luminometers to be used with LuciPack Pen reagent swabs.

The BioThema Hygiene Control kits can be used for all surfaces where cleanliness is important, such as hospitals and in the food and beverage industry. They are also used for monitoring the internal channels of endoscopes and cannulated instruments, and for hand hygiene. In addition they are an invaluable aid for training in the work place and to complement established hygiene protocols.