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ATP Biomass Kit HS

3500 SEK

For determination of the total ( both extracellular and intracellular) amount of ATP in a sample.

The ATP Biomass Kit is suitable for virtually all types of samples.

The sensitivity of this kit allows determination of low ATP levels in a variety of circumstances:
1 Liquids (e. g. drinking water, process water, environmental samples, beverages and beer)
2 Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
3 Cell adhesion to surfaces (e. g. biocompatibility studies)
4 Quality assurance of laundry
5 Bacterial growth.
6 Antibiotic effects on bacteria


ATP Diluent 10 mL

231 SEK

10 mL, For dilution of ATP standards

ATP diluent is intended to use for dilution of the BioThema ATP Standards, for situations where the available ATP Standard concentrations is not suitable.


ATP Eliminating Reagent

443 SEK

ATP degrading enzyme

Depending on with diluent is used when reconstitution ATP Eliminating Enzyme it is either used for degrading mammalian ATP and measuring bacterial ATP or for degrading extracellular ATP and measuring mammalian cells.


ATP Free Water

183 SEK

10 mL, ATP Free Water is recomended for use as a blank in ATP measurements.

ATP Free Water has been produced in the Biothema state of the art clean room facilities. It is recomended for use as a blank in ATP measurements.


ATP Hygiene Kit HS

2121 SEK

For hygiene control of surfaces and liquids

The  ATP Hygiene Kit HS is suitable for hygiene control of surfaces and liquids (e.g. rinsing water). Practical dropper bottles makes the kit easy-to-use, even for personel not used to handling pipettes.

ATP measurement is an excellent way of controlling hygiene, as ATP is found in food residues and other biological dirt as well as living cells. Even though a surface might be sterile (sterile=no bacteria are present) there might still be food residues left after cleaning. Such residues maks an excellent environment for airborne bacteria to grow and in a few hours the surface will no longer be sterile. With the ATP Hygiene Kit HS you can determine not only how many living organisms are present, but also the amount of biological dirt.



3335 SEK

For assays of both enzymes and metabolites

ATP Kit SL is intended for assays of enzymes and metabolites by monitoring the formation or degradation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) over the range of 10 –12 to 10 –6 mol/L.


ATP Reagent HS

357 SEK

For measurements of ATP down to 10-17mole


ATP Reagent HS Hygiene Control

270 SEK

For hygiene control measurements of ATP down to 10-17mole

ATP Reagent HS Hygiene Control is reconstituted with 22-072 Diluent B (dropper bottle) which enables the user to transfer the reconstituted reagent to the test tube by the use of the dropper bottle instead of having to use a pipett.


ATP Reagent SL

636 SEK

For stable light measurements of ATP down to 10-15 mole

ATP Reagent SL is a very versitile reagent due to the robust stable light feature. It is often used for assays of ATP forming and degrading enzymes, rapid mammalian cell count and cell viability.


ATP Reagent SL-M

636 SEK

For stable light assays of mithocondrial ATP metabolism down to 10-15 mole ATP

The detection limit is 10-15 mole ATP, making the reagent suitable for assays of mithocondrial ATP production rate down to the detection limit and for other continous monitoring of enzymatic reactions where the magnesium ion concentration has to be adjusted.