Lumitester C-110

Robust, portable and sensitive Luminometer for bioluminescent measurements

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Lumitester C-110 portable luminometer including: 

2. AC adapter
3. Carrying case (Cloth type)
4. Cable for PC
5. English version of ‘Job Manager’ utility software


Detection method: Photon counting mode using photomultiplier tube

Dark Noise: 10 RLU
Detection range: 1.0 x 10-13 to 3.0 x 10-7 M ATP

Measurement time: 10 Sec. in STANDARD mode and 1-1000 sec. in ADVANCED mode

Sample tube size: ⌀12 x 55 mm

Sample tube volume: 0.1 mL

Output: RLU (Relative Light Units)

Data storage: 1000 pieces of data

Display: LCD

Interface: RS232C (Communication with PC and data output to printer

Software: Utility software for data collection and standard curve settings

Power: Rechargeable NiMH battery or AC adapter

Size: 185W x 110D x 75H mm (excluding projecting parts)

Weight: Approx. 700g

Temperature: Storage: -10 to +50°C, Operating: +5 to +35°C

Humidity: No condensation

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