In cleaning industry luciferase based assays of ATP and ATP+AMP is used for hygiene control in food and beverage industry, restaurants, hospitals and pharma industry. It is also used to develop improved cleaning tools and procedures and for education of cleaning personnel. The advantages area that an objective result is obtained, that seller and purchaser can agree on a measurable degree of cleanliness and that the cleaning personnel can perform the test in less than one minute using a portable instrument immediately seeing whether the work done is satisfactory or not.

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  • Hygiene control
    Measurements can be used in routine control of hygiene, in development of improved cleaning tools/procedures and in education of cleaning staff.
  • Rapid cell counting
    Counting of microbial or other types of cells and monitoring of cell proliferation or cytotoxicity in fundamental and applied research, in pharma and biotech HTS, in bacteriological control of water, beverages and food, in human and veterinary diagnosis of diseases, in environmental control, in process control