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ATP Reagent HS


For measurements of ATP down to 10-17mole


ATP Reagent HS Hygiene Control


For hygiene control measurements of ATP down to 10-17mole

ATP Reagent HS Hygiene Control is reconstituted with 22-072 Diluent B (dropper bottle) which enables the user to transfer the reconstituted reagent to the test tube by the use of the dropper bottle instead of having to use a pipett.


ATP Reagent SL


For stable light measurements of ATP down to 10-15 mole

ATP Reagent SL is a very versitile reagent due to the robust stable light feature. It is often used for assays of ATP forming and degrading enzymes, rapid mammalian cell count and cell viability.


ATP Reagent SL-M


For stable light assays of mithocondrial ATP metabolism down to 10-15 mole ATP

The detection limit is 10-15 mole ATP, making the reagent suitable for assays of mithocondrial ATP production rate down to the detection limit and for other continous monitoring of enzymatic reactions where the magnesium ion concentration has to be adjusted.


ATP Reagent SS


ATP detection down to 10-18 mole, the amount of ATP found in a single bacterial cell.

The light emission is very high, however not stable with a decay of 235% per minute. The high light decay makes it necessary to use the reagent with a dispenser equipped luminometer.

All the Biothema reagents are produced in our state of the art clean room facilities and subject to strict quality control procedures, guaranteeing a high quality and trustworthy product for use in your assay.