Cell viability Kit SL

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For analyzing cell samples with high cell density

Cell Viability Kit SL is intended for use with mammalian cell samples with high cell density or with cell samples with higher density of ATPases, e.g. nerve cells. The kit contains a stronger ATPase inhibitor than 155-050 Cellular ATP Kit HTS and produces stable light.

A mammalian cell contains approx. 1 femtomole ATP. 188-441 Cell Viablity Kit SL is useful for quantification of ATP in the range 10^-11– 10^-7 mole/L. This kit can be used for determination of ATP levels in e.g. animal or bacterial cells in a variety of circumstances:
Estimation of cell numbers
Cell proliferation studies
Cytotoxicity studies

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Cell Viability Kit SL is intended for cell proliferation and cytotoxicity studies by determination of total ATP (adenosine triphosphate). Extractant B/S included in the kit releases ATP from most types of cells and inactivates ATP degrading enzymes. For maximum accuracy, the level of extracellular ATP should be low compared to the intracellular level. With low numbers of cells, ATP degrading enzymes are not a problem and 155-050 Cellular ATP Kit HTS can be used for mammalian but not microbial cells. This kit allows a mix-and-measure assay with only one step (the Cell Viability Kit SL requires two steps – first extraction and then light measurement). If a higher sensitivity is required or with bacterial samples, the 266-311 ATP Biomass Kit HS, 266-111 Intracellular ATP Kit HS or 266-311 Microbial ATP Kit HS are recommended. Assays of ATP replace methods such as tritiated thymidine incorporation and tetrazolium salt reduction.
The Cell Viability Kit SL is useful for quantification of ATP in range of 10 -11 – 10 -7 mol/L. This dynamic range covers the commonly used seeding cell number and culturing media.
All living cells contain ATP where it plays the role of energy currency between different cellular processes. When cells die of natural causes, ATP is normally degraded. The intracellular concentration of ATP is carefully regulated to similar levels in all types of cells. ATP is therefore a good estimate of the total intracellular volume. Most bacterial cells contain approx. 2×10 -18 mol ATP per cell, while most eukaryotic cells, as a result of their larger size, contain 10 -15 mol ATP or more.


Any tube or microplate luminometer can be used. It should be noted that most tube luminometers are about one order of magnitude more sensitive. If a microplate luminometer is used it is an advantage, if it has dispensers (ideally three dispensers) and is able to shake the microplate for good mixing.

Assay procedure

Detailed described procedures are found in the “Instructions for Use”, which is included with every kit.

Product characteristics

320-1600 tests depending on whether assays are performed in cuvettes or microplates.

Detection limit: Quantitative detection of ATP in range of 10 -11 – 10 -7 mol/L.

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