Lumitester Smart

The Lumitester Smart offers high sensitivity detection and wireless connection capabilities

Lumitester smart used with LuciPac Pen is a quick and simple device for hygiene control in ten seconds.

The LuciPac pen has the advantage that it not only measures ATP, but AMP as well. AMP is a degradation product of ATP and can be found in food residues and other biological dirt. The kit is recommended for applications where the user has to be mobile and wants a quick and easy-to-use tool for hyiene control.




Kikkoman has introduced a new hygiene control system based on the luciferase reaction. The system includes LuciPac A3 Surface, LuciPac A3 Water and Lumitester Smart. The latter replaces Lumitester PD-30, which is no longer produced. Lumitester Smart has Bluetooth and can transfer data to your mobile  or tablet or via a cable to your PC. There is also a cloud app for storing and presenting the data. LuciPac A3 measures ATP+ADP+AMP, while other luciferase-based hygiene measures only ATP. Enzymes and heat degrade ATP to ADP and AMP. Measuring A3 rather than ATP gives two major advantages:


  1. The A3, i.e. ATP+ADP+AMP, is stabile while ATP is not (cf.  Figure 2 in Bakke and Suzuki). In blood diluted 10x in water all ATP is degraded in 2 hours while A3 is essentially unaffected (cf. Figure 1 in Bakke et al.). This means that one does not have to be concerned when the sample was taken, which you must do when measuring ATP only.
  2. The signal is for most food & beverages at least 100x higher than ATP. In some cases, as much as 40,557x and only with lettuce as little as 2.8x (Table 2 in Bakke and Suzuki).


The conclusion is that A3 is a more reliable measure on biological contamination. Furthermore, it is much more sensitive (up to 40,557x). Even if A3 and ATP systems at a first glance may seem similar, they are completely different measures on biological contamination. A3 is a premium product compared to ATP and is only produced by Kikkoman Biochemifa.


In some of the attached brochures and on the Kikkoman webpage pictures of  the Lumitester PD-30 are shown. As mentioned above this instrument is no longer available as it is replaced by the more advanced Lumitester Smart.


Measurement time: 10 Sec.

Output: RLU (Relative Light Units).

Software: Utility software for data collection.

Power: 2 size AA alkaline batteries, or 2 size AA Ni-MH rechargeable batteries.

Size: 65 × 175 × 32 mm.

Weight: 255 g (Except batteries).

Accessories: 2 size AA alkaline batteries,Cleaning brush,USB,cable, Strap,Quick manual.

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