Antibodies or antigens may be labelled with luciferase or ATP producing enzymes.  Biotinylated recombinant luciferase can be detected at 10^-20 mol and biotinylated acetate kinase at 10-^21 mol.

Intended use:

  1. Sensitive detection of antibodies
  2. Sensitive detection of antigens

Suitable products:
Luciferase Assay Kit, Luciferase Assay Kit HTS, ATP Kit SL

Recommended papers:

Murakami, S, Nakajima, M, Sekine, H, Maeda, M, Tsuji, A (1996) Streptavidin-biotin based bioluminescent enzyme immunoassay using biotinylated acetate kinase and recombinant firefly luciferase. Analytical Letters 29, 969-980.

Murakami, S., Ito, K., Goto, T., Kamada, S., Maeda, M. (1998) Bioluminescent enzyme immunoassay using thermostable mutant luciferase and acetate kinase as a labelled enzyme. Anal. Chim. Acta 361, 19-26

Fukuda, S, Tatsumi, H, Maeda, M (1998) Bioluminescent enzyme immunoassay with biotinylated firefly luciferase. Journal of Clinical Ligand Assay 21, 358-362.

Please choose the kit best describing your assay.



3470 SEK

For assays of both enzymes and metabolites

ATP Kit SL is intended for assays of enzymes and metabolites by monitoring the formation or degradation of ATP (adenosine triphosphate) over the range of 10 –12 to 10 –6 mol/L.


Luciferase assay Kit

3962 SEK

For reporter gene assay allowing the monitoring of promoter activity in the control of gene expression.

484-001 Luciferase Assay Kit is based on that the firefly luciferase luc gene is one of the most commonly used reporter genes and allows the monitoring of promoter activity in the control of gene expression. It has a number of advantages and is an interesting option to CAT assays and non-luminescent reporter gene assays:

1) Firefly luciferase is not present in normal cells.

2) The assay is simple and easy to perform.

3) You can use both simple, manual, luminometers as well as fully automatic microplate luminometers.

4) It is suitable for HTS.

The kit contains reagents for 800 assays. If you want to perform the assay as an HTS, the 484-102 LAS HTS Kit is suitable if you have a luminometer without dispensers and 484-103 LAS HTS is suitable if you have a luminometer with dispensers.