ATP Reagent HS

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For measurements of ATP down to 10-17mole

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ATP Reagent HS is a High Sensitivity (HS) reagent with high levels of luciferase which results in a moderate ATP- and light emission decay (-6%/min). The high activity also has the effect that any contamination caused during reconstitution is quickly degraded. The reagent is suitable for measurements down to 10 -17 mole ATP and is stable enough to use with a luminometer with or without dispensers.

Product characteristics

Delivery form: Lyophilised reagent in a glass vial, sealed under argon

Reconstitution: In 22-101 Diluent B or in 24-101 Diluent D depending whether protection against Extractant B/S is required or not.

Number of assays: Up to 62 analyses in a 96 well microplate format.

Linear range: From 10 -17 to 10 -12 mole ATP, depending on the linearity of the luminometer.

Storage: +4°C

Shelf life: 2 years from date of delivery at +4°C. Reconstituted reagent should be used within a week.


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