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Luciferase assay Kit

3962 SEK

For reporter gene assay allowing the monitoring of promoter activity in the control of gene expression.

484-001 Luciferase Assay Kit is based on that the firefly luciferase luc gene is one of the most commonly used reporter genes and allows the monitoring of promoter activity in the control of gene expression. It has a number of advantages and is an interesting option to CAT assays and non-luminescent reporter gene assays:

1) Firefly luciferase is not present in normal cells.

2) The assay is simple and easy to perform.

3) You can use both simple, manual, luminometers as well as fully automatic microplate luminometers.

4) It is suitable for HTS.

The kit contains reagents for 800 assays. If you want to perform the assay as an HTS, the 484-102 LAS HTS Kit is suitable if you have a luminometer without dispensers and 484-103 LAS HTS is suitable if you have a luminometer with dispensers.

Lucipac Pen

LuciPac Pen

Single shot device for hygiene testing

LuciPac Pen is a quick and simple device for hygiene control in ten seconds. The LuciPac Pen is a Kikkoman product but is distributed by BioThema in Europe.

The LuciPac pen has the advantage that it not only measures ATP, but AMP as well. AMP is a degradation product of ATP and can be found in food residues and other biological dirt. The kit is recommended for applications where the user has to be mobile and wants a quick and easy-to-use tool for hyiene control.


Microbial ATP Kit HS

4564 SEK

For determination of intracellular ATP in bacterial cells among mammalian cells

The sensitivity of this kit allows determination of low ATP levels in a variety of circumstances:
1. Bacteriological control of liquids (e. g. drinking water, process water, beverages and beer)
2. Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
3. Cell adhesion to surfaces
4. Quality assurance of laundry
5. Bacterial growth.
6. Antibiotic effects on bacteria